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​The TV Workout Book
In any modern gym, you’ll see people exercising on treadmills and stationary bikes while watching TV. The reason, of course, is to provide entertainment during these cardio exercises. The TV Workout, as described in this workout book, starts with this idea, but goes much further. While including a cardio workout, the TV Workout book adds a full range of strength and flexibility exercises that can easily be done while you watch TV. In addition to improving your cardiovascular fitness, the TV Workout will strengthen and stretch every major muscle in your body.  You will become stronger, toned and more flexible while being entertained at the same time!  Every exercise in the TV Workout book is easy to learn and simple to do. Amazingly, you can do all of the exercises while watching your favorite TV programming, such as football, baseball, game shows, morning news shows and stock market reporting programs.

Why Exercise at All?

Exercise to Look and Feel Younger
By exercising regularly, you’ll look and feel years younger than your chronological age. 

Exercise to Reduce Your Risk of Disease
Exercising regularly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It may even save your eyesight! Research at the University of Wisconsin suggests that regular exercise may reduce the risk of macular degeneration by up to 70%.

Exercise to Improve Your Mind
Exercising makes you smarter! It increases blood flow to the brain. This helps create new brain cells – a process known as “neurogenesis.” Working out also reduces stress and anxiety. In addition, it enhances mood and improves sleep. 

The “Fit Feeling” – an End in Itself
As you get stronger and flexible and as your blood circulation improves, you’ll simply feel better – physically as well as mentally. That pleasurable feeling - the “Fit Feeling” - is one of the greatest benefits of exercising. It is an end in itself.

The TV Workout Book Includes All Three Groups of Exercise
There are three main groups or types of exercise: Flexibility, Aerobic and Resistance. To remember them, think “FAR”. They are the three tools that build “fitness”, which has three main components. To be fit, you need (1) flexible joints, (2) a well-functioning cardiovascular system and (3) strong muscles. Some would add good body composition – a low ratio of fat to lean muscle mass – which results from exercising more without increasing calorie consumption.) Each exercise group leads to one of these three components. Flexibility exercises (stretching) lead to flexible joints, aerobic exercises lead to a healthy cardiovascular system, and resistance exercises lead to strong, well-toned muscles.

The TV Workout book includes all of the resistance exercises needed to strengthen and tone every major muscle in your body (and a lot of minor ones). It also includes the other two groups of exercises – flexibility and aerobics – so that you can attain all of the components and benefits of fitness. 

The Types of Shows that are Best Suited to the TV Workout
TV programs which do not require much concentration, such as morning “news” programs, music videos (as on VH1), cartoons (like the Simpsons), reality TV shows, sitcoms and nature shows are best suited for watching while you exercise. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, soccer, tennis, golf, and other sports - which are now televised continually - are perfect for the TV Workout. When watching sports, you’ll be able to channel (pun intended) the energy of the competition into your workout.

How Much Time Does a TV Workout Take?
To gain the health benefits of fitness, the Office of the Surgeon General and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend that adults should accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most, and preferably on all days of the week. Fortunately, 30 minutes is the length of most TV shows. The TV Workout is designed to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days per week, at a level of moderate intensity. If you are out of shape, you should, start with fewer minutes of exercise. Then, as your fitness improves, gradually progress towards 30 minutes per day. 

The TV Workout Overcomes the Obstacles to Exercising
Given the benefits of exercising and the hazards of being out of shape, why aren’t more people working out regularly? Boredom, lack of time, financial concerns and the difficulty of making lifestyle changes. By adding entertainment, convenience and savings to exercise, the TV Workout overcomes these obstacles. 

The TV Workout Exercises
The TV Workout book contains 49 easy to learn exercises that are simple to do. Each exercise is shown in color photos and described in a few simple steps. The exercises are grouped into the following mini workouts for different days:

1. Upper Body Strength Workout
2. Upper Body Flexibility Workout
3. Core Strength Workout
4. Lower Body Strength Workout
5. Lower Body Flexibility Workout
6. Aerobic Workout
​Here are some sample pages of exercises from the TV Workout book:

Hammer Curl:

Seated Row:

The Sphinx: 

Quadriceps Stretch:

Hip Extension:

Leg Swings:

Please note that the samples are presented as a preview of the book.  The exercises should not performed unless the book's safety guildelines are followed. 
The Book has a Special Binding and Cover
The print version of the TV Workout book has a special binding, known as concealed wire-O. The wire-O binding enables the book to lie completely flat when open – for easy, quick reference when working out. The wire binding is strong and long-lasting. It also has an attractive, laminated cover which covers the binding. The title is printed on the book’s spine, which improves the book’s appearance and makes it easier to be found on your bookshelf. 
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About the Author
Jonathan Blau is certified as a personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. Its certification standards are generally considered the highest in the field of fitness. Before attaining his certification, he studied personal fitness training at UCLA. 

The author is also an attorney. After he became a lawyer, he found it harder to get to the gym and began working out at home, sometimes while watching TV. Finding that watching shows made his exercising more enjoyable, he wondered if it were possible to strengthen and stretch every major muscle while watching television. After studying nearly every major type of exercise, including weight-training, calisthenics and yoga, he discovered that it was possible and developed the TV Workout.


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