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​The Benefits to Your Readers of the 30 minute TV Workout:

The 30 minute TV Workout, a newly published workout book, demonstrates – through over 100 color photos and simple to follow text - how to get lean, toned and flexible – all while watching your favorite TV shows. The exercises are simple to learn and easy to do. Amazingly, each exercise can be done while watching regular television programs, such as morning new shows, football, baseball, soccer and other sports. 

According to A.C. Neilson Co., Americans spend an average of more than 4 hours each day watching TV. In a 75 year life, that works out to 12 years watching the tube – most of that time while sitting!  Common sense tells us that prolonged sitting is unhealthful. This was confirmed by a major study by Professor Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health and Anders Grontved of the University of Southern Denmark (published in the June 15, 2011 edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association). They found that for every two hours per day spent watching TV while sedentary, the risk of developing cardiovascular increases by 15% and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases by 20%. 

Not only does the TV Workout eliminate the danger of prolonged sitting, it also provides a convenient, fun way to improve health and fitness.  A way that can easily become part of one's lifestyle.  To gain the health benefits of fitness, the Office of the Surgeon General recommends that adults accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week. Fortunately, most TV shows, including the commercials, are 30 minutes long. 

Working out at home is convenient. Less driving to and from the gym saves time and gasoline. Adding TV entertainment to the convenience makes exercising even more likely to get done – and done regularly.

Unique Design of the Book:
The print version of the 30 minute TV Workout has an expensive, special wire binding, known as a “semi-concealed double wire-O.” This binding enables the pages to lie completely flat when the book is opened – for hands-free reference. This binding is much stronger than standard bindings. Hence, the book can be opened and closed thousands of times, without the binding cracking or pages falling out. Yet unlike most wire-bound books, the 30 minute TV Workout has a spine with the title printed on it - so that you can quickly locate the book in your bookcase. 

The 30 minute TV Workout is also available as an e-book for the iPad®, the Kindle®, the Nook® and many other e-readers.

The TV Workout Exercises:
The 30 minute TV Workout book contains 49 easy to learn exercises that are simple to do. Amazingly, all of the exercises can be done while watching regular TV shows. Each exercise is shown in color photos and described in a few simple steps. The exercises are grouped into the following mini workouts for different days:

1. Upper Body Strength Workout
2. Upper Body Flexibility Workout
3. Core Strength Workout
4. Lower Body Strength Workout
5. Lower Body Flexibility Workout
6. Aerobic Workout

Sample Pages 

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: 

Sample Exercises (from book):

Hammer Curl:

Seated Row:

The Sphinx: 

Quadriceps Stretch:

Hip Extension:

Leg Swings:
Abstract of Article Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association
on TV Viewing and the Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (public domain):

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For further information about the TV Workout book, please contact the author at jblau@TVworkout.com.

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Harvard School of Public Health Professor Recommends Exercising While Watching TV
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